Vehicle Smart – Repairing scuffed, scratched and damaged vehicles in the North East.

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How Vehicle Smart can help you.

Scratch Removal ›

Scratches from keys, branches and anything else can affect both the appearence of your car/van and it's value, so it's important to get those scratches and scrapes repaired and keep your vehicle looking brand new.

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Alloy Wheel Repair ›

Scrapes from curbs or anything else on your alloy wheels can be very noticible and make your car appear as if it's not well maintained. We repair alloy wheels within 2 hours and can do this at your home.

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Bumper Scuffs ›

Bumper scuffs can really ruin the look of your car or van. We at Vehicle Smart guarantee to repair your bumper scuffs within 2 hours at your home or chosen premises.

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Stone Chips ›

Stone chips can cause permanent damage to your vehicle so it's important to be vehicle smart and have stone chips repaired as soon as possible.

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