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Panel Replacement

Rusted wings and irreparable damage are the most common reasons to replace a panel, this can often be more cost effective too.

At Vehicle SMART, our specialist technicians are experts in car panel replacement. If you’ve been involved in an accident or your vehicle requires a face lift, get in touch with the team today. Car panel replacement is often a cost-effective solution in keeping a vehicle looking its best and you can now use our online quote form for a free, no obligation estimate.

Please note, if you’ve observed wing rusting or what appears to be irreparable damage, car panel replacement is the answer.

Rusting & Body Panel Replacement
It’s important to seek professional advice as soon as you notice rusting. At Vehicle SMART we may be able to repair damage via welding a patch onto the damaged area in the first instance.

If your vehicle has suffered from rusting we may be able to repair the damage by welding a patch panel onto the area. In the majority of cases, it proves more efficient and cost-effective to replace the panel in its entirety. We’ll discuss both options with you. Should you require car panel replacement, we’re here to help. Our top quality body panel replacement service is based in Middlesbrough at our body shop.

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